Quarantine Kids – A Children’s Book

1 Minute Read

Our Board member, Michelle Basman, turned her love of painting into an opportunity to connect with family during this quarantine period. Being physically separated from her grandchildren prompted Michelle to create a children’s book that addresses the confusion and difficulty of social distancing from a child’s perspective.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa Michelle has had a passion for painting from a young age and eventually pursued a degree in fine arts from the University of South Africa and also received a Commercial Arts Diploma. She continues to paint cultural landscapes and people from her home in Minnesota.

Using simple phrases and cartoon-like paintings, Michelle’s book conveys a strong message about the importance of perspective and education during these unprecedented times. The book, titled “Quarantine Kids”, contains interactive questions and educational definitions throughout to promote dialogue between kids and adults.

Michelle’s book helps kids and adults alike address questions regarding how this pandemic is affecting children all over the world. Here at ACC we are thinking about the children of rural South Africa. Just how is this impacting their education, family and community?