Africa Classroom Connection

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Ntabankulu School 2009
Ntabankulu School 2009 

When you make a donation to Africa Classroom Connection, we use the funds to support building schools and educating children, directly benefiting the students who will discover the world in books and learning, thanks to you. There is no paid staff and we don't have our own offices. Our board members personally cover all of our administrative costs, so your entire contribution goes directly to building classrooms. You can donate by check, credit card, or stock:

1. Contribute by check to:
Africa Classroom Connection
106 E 24 St
Minneapolis, MN 55404-3522

2. Contribute using your credit card through Paypal. Your contribution will be processed on a secure server, confirmed via email.

3. Contribute stock. (You can deduct the current value from your income, and don't pay income taxes on the capital gain!) Ask your broker to transfer the shares to:
       Account Name: Africa Classroom Connection
       Account Holder: Scottrade (Scottrade, 401 Robert St N #205, St. Paul MN 55101-2008, Jason Philips 651-690-5256)
       Account Number: 30041628 DTC#0705
       (Then please let us know otherwise we won't know it's from you.)

Africa Classroom Connection is an American 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation. Contributions are tax-deductible. There is no legal relationship between Africa Classroom Connection and ECAG in South Africa. We ensure through careful oversight and documentation that your funds are used for the charitable purposes required by our IRS tax-exempt status. So your contribution is tax deductible. You can learn more about our projects, board, and finances at, a place set up by some of the world's largest foundations to collect information about all US non-profit organizations in one place.

Questions? Email or call us.

Thank you!


Member Aid For Africa Africa Classroom Connection participates in the Combined Federal Campaign, number 58293#58293


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